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Mixmode is an audio post production organization dedicated to high fidelity audio - music (re)mixes, commercial audio post, dialogue editing, film mixing and sound design. We also do studio integration, upgrades, & consultation.


          Real life rarely sounds like it should.


Studio Services

Technology is great, when it works properly.

At Mixmode, we know studios, and modern studio workflow. We are Avid Pro Tools and control surface experts, and are available for consultation, integration, and training for your studio. We can do upgrades, problem diagnosis, whether in person, over the web, or old-school telephone. We speak AVB, midi, Dante, MADI, EUCON, RedNet, Texas English, and more. Contact us for your specific needs.


Enough about you...

At Mixmode, we've done more than can fit on one page.  We've worked for Avid Technology as a Pro Tools and Control Surface Specialist. We've been audio post mixers (20+ years) in broadcast. We've worked on innumerable records in and out of Los Angeles. We're musicians, we have performed and recorded with Grammy-winning and multiplatinum artists and producers. We also play & record locally with our friends because it's fun and good for us. We bring that fun & expertise to your mixes and to your facility.

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What's that sound..?

Sound has the power to transport us to another time and place. Mixmode harnesses that power to move your viewers. Sound is invisible, but it can make them laugh, cry, shiver, smile, and hide. It can be subtle, overwhelming, sneaky, and devastating. Half of the ability to tell a good story properly is the sound - it allows one to feel what the picture is showing you.



Get in touch with us for our  specifications, a quote, or our favorite IPA or java brew.

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